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Sale deed No. 2566 Stamp No. 853100 Date of execution 2nd Nov ,1950


Time of presentation 4.15 pm on 2nd Nov 1950




I , Beerbal , S/o Tikaram ,Religion: Hindu ,Age 50 yrs. Occ; Shop keeper ,R/o Secuderabad ,do hereby declare and write in perfect state of health and mind without any duress or coercion and with free will and my own volley that the schedule mentioned land admeasuring 483 sq. Yards situated behind garden of Mahboob Yaar Jung as delineated in the enclosed plan with a well , one tamarind tree and Bangalore tiles rooms and basement thereon , owned and possessed by me as the NUZULI (subject to payment of ground rent) of Sarfekhas is , in order to pay my debts , hereby sold to Kshatriya Sabha ,Hyderabad a registered society under Act I of 1350 Fasli with registration No. 7/53 represented by Thakur Bhikam Singhji member Executive Committee Sabha for a settled price of O.S. Rs. 6,757/= of which a sum of O.S. Rs. 5,757/- has already been received by me in cash before the Registrar , and that I have already received earlier a sum of Rs. 1000/= as an advance . Possession of the land sold has already been delivered to the Vendee. All rights, interests and title in and possession of the land sold is hereby vested in the Vendee. Neither myself nor any of my legal representative shall have any manner of right or claim as to ownership or possession of the land sold .The land sold is neither sold or pledged or mortgaged anywhere. There is no encumbrance, no claim or share of anyone in the land sold. The land sold is free from all private and government demands. There is no tax or ground rent arrears due outstanding in respect of land sold. Except myself no one else has got any right, interest or claim in the possession of the land sold or claiming as shareholder and successor in title thereof. In the event of and if in the future there appears any claimant to ownership or demand of any loan raised on the land sold then I and my legal representatives will be liable to discharge the same from person and their property . In case the Vendee will be deprived of ownership and possession of the land sold due to any legal or circumstantial defect in my title then I shall be liable to make good the losses including the expenses incidental thereto. Hence these recitals are made by way of sale deed which will be binding on me and my legal heirs.

SD/- Vendor


Dated 2nd Nov, 1954.


Schedule of land in the back of late Mahboob Yaar Jung Garden, Amliban Locality, Qutbiguda, Sultan Bazaar, Hyderabad admeasuring 483 sq. yards as delivered in the enclosed plan is bounded by on


1. North: - Passage and public road


2. South: - House of others


3. East: - Passage


4. West: - Open Land


SD/- Birbal




Note: -


Teh land sold has been purchased by me in the name of my mother, Smt. Lachmi Bai, from the department of Bagat of Sarfekhas subject to payment of ground rent (Nuzul) of Rs. 7/8/6 @ 3 pie per sq. Yard under te sale certificate bearing No.146 dated 29th Aban, 1350 Fasli contained in file No. 104 of 1350 Fasli of Bagat Sarfekhas and have been in exclusive possession and enjoyment thereof till this date of execution of sale deed. The Title Deeds and Certificate of payment of ground rent (Nuzul) and the plan of the land have been handed over to the Vendee. I shall be responsible to get the name of the Vendee mutated in the records of the Sarfekhas dated 2nd Nov, 1950 A.D. SD/- Birbal Vendor SD/- Witness Sheetal Singh

SD/- Witness Ram Prasad Sribe: - Thakur Bajrang Singh Fakir.


Stamp 1244 Dated 27th Oct, 1950 valued Rs.210/-


Name of Purchaser: Birbal S/o Tika Ram R/o Secunderabad for the use self. SD/- Stamp Vendor, Treasure Office of Accountant General, Govt. Of India. SD/- SD/- Venkob Rao, Registrar Hyderabad City . SD/- illegible. SD/- illegible.

Endorsement of the Registrar


Upon arrival of Commission at 4.15 pm at Kattalmandi this document has been presented for registration by Sri Birbal. SD/-Venkob Rao Registrar City SD/- illegible of Presenter of Document


The executant and Vendor Sri Birbal S/o Tukaram ,Religion : Hindu ,age 5o yrs. ,Occ: Shop keeper ,R/o Secunderabad admitted before me of having earlier received the sum of Rs. 1000/- and the remaining amount of Rs. 5,757/- O.S. (Rupees five thousand seven hundred fifty seven only ) tendered by Thakur Bhikam Singh member Executive Committee of Kshatriya Sabha R/o Yakhutpura to the Vendor at my table and having acknowledged receipt thereof in final statement of consideration admitted the execution of the sale deed .The executant has been identified by Prabhu Singh S/o Kishen Singh ,religion Hindu , age 42 yrs. ,Occ: business R/o Secunderabad .SD/- Venkob Rao Registrar City .SD/- illegible of Vendor . The document consists two sheets of paper .SD/- Venkob Rao Sub Registrar dated 11-12-1950 Registered as No. 2566 pages No. 293,294 Vol. No. Six Registrars No. 1 of 1950 A.D. on 14th Nov 1950 A.D. SD/- Venkob Rao Registrar City Dated 14-11-1950.