COPY OF DOCUMENT : No.512 of 1355 Fasli DOCUMENT : No.512 Sd/- Urdu, Md. Mohsin Siddique Sd/- Urdu, Mehdi Ali Sd/- Urdu, Md. Siddique Hassan Sd/- Urdu, Sakna Khatoon Sd/- Urdu, Md.Shari Vakil, GPA of Memina Khatoon, We,Md.Siddiqui S/o.Md. Yousuf Sahib, religion, Musalman age : 50 years occupation Retd Superintendant Peshi of Finance Minister, r/o, Kachiguda, Balda Hyderabad, Deccan : 2 Md.Hasan Siddiqui, S/o.Md.Yousuf Sahib Siddiqui, religion : Musalman, age :45 years Occupation Manager Akbar Oil Mills, r/o,Karanja Barar (C.P.)represented by Special GPA holder Mehdi Ali Siddiqui and Rashid Ahmed Sahib Siddiqui, 3. Md.Siddiqui Hassan, S/o.Md.Yousuf Sahib Siddiqui, religion Musalman, age 40 years Occupation nothing r/o. Amberpet; 4. Sakina Khatoon d/o.Md. Yousuf Sahib Siddiqui, religion: Musalman, age 43 years occupation : Housewife, r/o.Sultanpur Balda ; 5.Momina Khatoon d/o. Md.Yousuf Sahib Siddiqui, religion : Musalman, Age : 42 years occupation Housewife, r/o.Fatehpur, Barabanki, represented by Special GPA holder, Moulvi Sultan Sahib Md.Shafi Sahib,Advocate, High Court, the executants do hereby write to the effect that our ancestral, owned and possessed bungalow with compound and pucca constructed out houses including the orchard etc. Existing with in enclosed compound having the patta rights over the land forming part of survey No.364/3 admeasuring 14782 sq.yds. known as yousuf villa as per detineated plan enclosed here to situate at Amberpet, Taluk East, Dist.Atraf Balda including one pair of oxen and the water drawing equipment of motor etc is sold to Trust Board Kshatriya Sabha, Hyderabad Deccan, Registered No.T/53 represented by Trustees, Thakur Bansilal Singh Sahib, president, Trust Board ; 2. T.Bajrang Singh Sahib, Secretary, Trust Board 3. T.Harikishan Singh Sahib, Trustee 4. T.Mukund Singh Sahib, Trustee 5. T.Manohar Singh Sahib, Trustee 6. T.D.Narayan Singh Sahib, Trustee 7. T.Tulja Singh Sahib Trustee, 8.T.Nandu Singh Sahib, Trustee 9. T.Vithal Singh Sahib, Trustee, for a consideration of Rs.45,500/- (Forty five thousand five hundred rupees only), in addition to Rs.2,275/- (Rupees Two thousand two hundred and seventy five only) towards the fee of commisson, totatlling at total consideration and price of O.S. Rs. 47,775/- (Rupees Forty seven thousand seven hundred and seventy five only) received in cash and by possession and enjoyment, thereof, as absolute owner and that the total amount of Sale price having been received in cash from the said vendee and, hereby, acknowleded and that all rights, title and interest in, and possession of enjoyed by vendors have been hereby, conveyed to the Vendee and the Vendee has become absolute owner, thereof, that the vendees have ceased to have any right or title over the said property hereby,sold, that the property hereby, sold in wholly free from all demands of private and government and is absolutely uneucumbered should there be any loss caused to the vendee at any time in future due to any defect in the title of the vendors, then the vendors will be wholly laiable to compensate the vendees from their self and other properties. Hence, these recetals have been made by the vendors by way of Sale Deed, executed and registered by them without any cocrscion or duress and in perfect senses and consciousness with free consent and vollay, so that it be used as document of title whenever needed. SCHEDULE OF THE PROPERTY SOLD The property, hereby, sold is bounded by in :- East : Baitul Mujeeb and passage to house of Syed Hassan Sahib Qadri. West : Land of Vendors North : Bongir Road South : House and land belonging to Syed Hassan Sahib Qadri. N.B. Certified that the property sold was self-acquired and possessed by father of the Vendors, Namely, Moulvi Mohd. Yousuf Sahib Siddiqui. The deceased had constructed a bungalow with compound wall, including a well, by investing his own money over the self-acquired land in his possession, and after such construction, the deceased in his lifetime owned and possessed exclusively and remained in occupation and enjoyment thereof. After his demise we the vendors owned, possessed as absolute owners being legal heirs and successors, as per Shariayat, without any claim by anyone else, till this day, and as such, the vendors have sold to the trust board by executing the Sale Deeds by delivery of possession to the vendee, to hold and enjoy the same as absolute owner. Except the vendors, nobody else is successor and legal heir of Late Moulvi Mohd. Yousuf Sahib. Earlier, the entire commission amount of Rs.2,275/- paid to the commissioner and a sum of Rs.11,375/- paid to the vendors by way of advance earnest money, duly acknowledged by them. The remaining amount of consideration of Rs.34,125/- has been paid, in cash by tendering the same before the Registrar and received by the Vendors. All documents of title have been handed over to the Vendors. Expenses incidental to execution and registration of the sale Deed have been met by the vendees dated 7th Shehrewar, 1355 Fasli NOTE : The lines beginning with the "Work 'resented by to and ending with the word "Sahib", in this document have been struck off and attested in a different ink by Sakina Khatoon. Sd/- in Urdu. Mohd. Mohsin Siddiqui Sd/- in Urdu, Mohd. Siddiqui Hassan Sd/- in Sakina Khatoon Sd/- Mohd. Shafi, Vakil and GPA holder of Momina Khatoon WITNESS: Sd/- in Urdu, Ram Ratan Singh Sd/- in Urdu, Sharfuddin Ahmed, HCS, Divisional Officer, Settlement. Scribe : Sd/- in Urdu, Tulja prasad, Khairtabad. MEMO issued by the office of the Awwal Talukdar, dist.Atraf Balda, Sarf-e-khwas Mubarak, dated 7th Sherewar, 1355 Fasli, bearing no.2075 (85/12), Revenue East Division 1355, issue to Mohd. Mohsin Sahib Pattedar, Amberpet village. Subject:- Petition of Mohd. Mohsin Sahib Siddiqui, regarding grant of patta of lands in Amberpet village, bearing survey Nos. 292, 354 / 123, 355, 356, 363, 364 /123. As per sanction accorded by the Honourable Secretariat of Sarf-e-Khwas, Mubarak, Communicated in letter No.2397 dated 31st Amardad 1355 Fasli, permission for sale of the lands is granted BY ORDER: Sd/- Illegible Revenue Assistant, 7 / 11. Recorded by : Ghulam Mohd. Read by : Sd/- in Urdu, illegible Corrected by : Sd/- in Urdu, illegible Mir Mohd. Ali Khan. // True Translation // COPY OF ENDORSEMENT OF REGISTRATION AUTHORITY : As per the application for commission of Mustafa Hassan Sahib Siddiqui, I the Commissioner, reached the house of Moulvi Masood Ali Sahib Sessions Judge between 5 and 6 p.m. on Tuesday the 10th Sharewar, 1355 Fasli where this document was presented before me for registration by M/s. Moulvi Mohd. Monsin Siddiqui, Mehdi Ali Sahib and Rashid Ahmed Sahib as GPA holder and Md.Siddiqui Hassan Sahib and Sakina Khatoon Sahibe and Md.Shafi as GPA holder. Sd/- Mir Md. Ali Khan Asst. Registrar Dist. 10-10-55 Fasli Sd/- Executant, Md.Mohsin Siddiqui Sd/- Executant, Mehdi Ali Sahib Sd/- Executant, Rashid Ahmed Sahib Sd/- Executant, Md. Siddiqui Sahib Sd/- Executant, Sakina Khatoon Sahiba Sd/- Executant, Md. Shafi Sahib The following, executants have admitted the execution of the sale deed Mohd. Mohsin Siddiqui Sahib, S/o. Md. Yousuf Sahib, religion: Sheikh Age : 50 years, occupation : Retd Superintendent of peshi of Hon'bl. Finance Minister, r/o. Kachiguda; Mehdi Ali Sahib, S/o. Md. Yousuf Sahib Siddiqui, Age 45 years, occupation : Asst. Secretary, Majlis Alfa; r/o. Himayatnagar; Rashid Ahmed Sahib, s/o. Massod Ali Khan Sahib, religion: Sheikh, age : 44 years occupation : Special Officer, Railways, r/o. Kachiguda GPA holders Mohd. Hassan Sahib Siddiqui and Md. Siddiqui Hassan Sahib, S/o. Md. Yousuf Sahib Siddiqui,religion: Sheikh, age : 40 years occupation : retd. as physically handicapped, r/o.Amberper; Smt. Sakina Khatoon Sahiba, d/o. Md. Yousuf Sahib, religion: Sheikh, Age : 45 years occupation Household, r/o. Kachiguda; Md.Shafi Sahib, S/o. Haji Md. Rafi Sahib religion : Sheikh, age: 53 years, occupation : Pleader, r/o. Kachiguda and all of them in person, as well as represented by GPA holders and the lady executant in audible voice from behind the pardah admitted and acknowledged in my active presence, the receipt of Rs. 11,375/- (Rupees Eleven thousand, three hundred and seventy five O. S.) and the commissioner's fee of Rs. 2,275/- and now, Sri. Bansilal Singh, President and Trustee of the Trust Board of Rajput Hostel has tendered the balance amount of Rs. 34,125/- O. S. (Rupees Thirty four thousand, one hundred and twenty five O. S. only) in the form of cureence notes in cash, paid the same to the vendors in my presence, receipt of which has been acknowledged personally and through GPA holders who have admitted execution of the document. All vendors (executants) have been identified by Sri. Sharfuddin Ahmed Sahib S/o. Faridudding Sahib, religion : Sheikh age 35 years, occupation : Divisional Officer, Islhat, r/o. Kachiguda and Sri. Mustafa Ahsan Sahib Siddiqui, S/o. Md. Mohsin Sahib, Religion : Sheikh, age : 22 years, occupation Probationary Deputy Collector, presently residing at Bidar Sharif and that the lady executant (Vendor) does not observe purdah with the said two witnesses. Sd/- Mohd. Ali Khan, Asst. Dist Registrar. Sd/- Executant No.1. Sd/- Executant No.2 Sd/- Executant No.3 Sd/- Executant No.4 Sd/- Executant No.5 Registered as No. 512 pages 56 to 59, Register No. 1 of IInd Vaume for 1355F on 11th Shahrewar, 1355F. Mir Mohd. Ali Khan Asst. Dist. Registrar. * This document has been presented by the GPA holders holding registered GPA no.10 page 35 Register No. 4 Valume I of 1353 F. dated 11th Khurded 1355 F Certified by the Registrar, Dist. Aurangabad and GPA Registrar as document No. 45 pages 10 and 11, Register No. 4 dated 22-9-1935 A. L., Certified by the officer of the Sub-Registrar, Fatehpur and attested by Magistrate, Alampur, dated 28 th Amardad 1355 Fasli. Sd/- Mir Md. Ali Khan, Asst. Dist. Registrar, Remarks : Nature of document Consideration Value of Deficit Value document Amount Stamp Stamps No. Sale Deed of Rs. 47,775/- Rs. 380/- 119 370 House Etc. Second Registration Extra Copying Postal Memory Sheet No. fee fee fee Charges fee 173037 Rs. 152 8annas Rs.5/- Rs. 3 1anna Rs.1/- 8 annas Honorary T. A. Receipt Commission No. Fee Rs.10/- Rs.3 /- 665.