THE KSHATRIYA RAJPUT SABHA was first registered with registration No: 7/53 F. under the Act No:1 of 1350 Fasli of the Nizam's Dominions.

Subsequently in the year 1354 Fasli, the said Sabha created a Trust under the name and style of KSHATRIYA RAJPUT TRUST BOARD and the Trust Deed of the same was registered on 11th Ardhibehesht 1354 Fasli, for the implementation of the Sub-clauses Nos. 2, 3, & 8 of the object No:4 of the first registered Bye-laws of the Sabha.
bye laws amended vide registration No:50 C/75 dated 2nd August, 1971, General Stamps Department of Societies, Hyderabad, A.P.

Subsequently amended vide reference 1/93 dated 2nd February 1993, Registrar of Societies, Hyderabad, A.P.

Subsequently amended vide SOC 2/42/98 dated 17-01-1998 Registrar of Societies A.P.




1. Name of the Sabha : .. Kshatriya Rajput Sabha,Andhra Pradesh,Hyderabad.

2. The office of the Sabha at present situated in Hyderabad City with its registered office at 3-3-869, Kutbiguda, Hyderabad, may, if necessary and convenient, be located anywhere in the State.

3. The Sabha’s new year will commence from Ugadi.

4. The following will be the objects of the Sabha :-

(i) To work for the upliftment of the community to get a place of pride in the nation.


(ii) To promote Kshatriya Rajput Community in the educational, Economical, and Social spheres.


(iii) To achieve the object (ii), the Sabha can possess and purchase immov- able property, take up its construction, repairs and expansion, and set up institutions of learning.


(iv) This Sabha is not a political institution aligning with no political party, but this shall not be applicable to any one in his personal and individual capacity.


(v) The Sabha will represent the members of Kshatriya Rajput Community of Andhra Pradesh.


(vi) Ensure execution of Trust Deed.





2. Every Rajput individual whose age is 18 years and above is eligible to become a member of the Sabha by duly completing the membership form and filing it with the respective District/Basthi Committee.


3. Every member shall pay Rs. 5/- as membership fee to become Life Mem- ber of the Sabha, thereafter such member shall pay Rs.2/- per month as subscription.


4. Any member who pay Rs.511/- or more in lumpsum shall be exempt from payment of monthly subscription.


5. Any member who pays Rs.5,111/- or more in lumpsum will become
PATRON of the Sabha and whenever community functions are organised by the Sabha, the patron members will be the

Special Invitees.


6. Sabha shall accept with thanks contributions/gifts/donations offered by any Indian national or N.R.I.


7. To achieve the OBJECTS of the Sabha, its branches shall be set-up by grouping mandals of Districts and localities of Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad respectively. Such branches shall be called District/ Basthi committees respectively. Where ever in Districts out-side Hyderabad any organisation is in existence it will be got affiliated to the Sabha. Where they do not exist adhoc committees will be formed . So that elections are conducted and Committees formed to get them affiliated with the Sabha.


8. The following shall be the committees of the Sabha :


    1. Managing Committee


     2. Executive Committee


     3. Sub-Committees (to be constituted as per necessity)


9. The Executive Committee shall comprise of all the office-bearers of the Sabha and of the Basthi Committees of Twin Citites and affiliated District Committees and also members co-opted by the president of the Sabha upto 5% of the elected strength. The president shall co-opt persons who are eminent in their respective fields and professions with approval of the office bearers.


10. The Managing Committee shall comprise of all the office-bearers of the Sabha, the Secretaries of the Basthi-Committees and affiliated District Committees who will look after the affairs of the Sabha and its business in accordance with the Bye-Laws of the Sabha.


11. Sub-Committees shall be constituted as per necessity by the President of the Sabha, nominating one of the office - bearers as convener and other members drawn from the Executive Committee or any member of the Sabha. Convener of the one Sub-Committee will not be Convener for any other Sub-Committee.


12. The office-bearers of the Sabha shall be elected by means of secret ballot by members of the Executive Committee from amongst its members for a period of (3) years. The election will be conducted on the same pattern followed as for any society or social service organisation. Upon election office bearers will relinquish their posts in Dist/Basthi Committees and such vacancies will be filled by election by respective committees.


13. In every meeting decisions shall be taken by majority vote and in the event of dead- lock or tie the President shall exercise his casting vote.


14. Any member of the Sabha may represent any grievence, which is not sorted out by the Dist./Basthi Committee in the first instance, may be brought to the Managing Committee and the Managing Committee shall dispose such representation with in a month. The Managing Committee may, if circumstances of any such matter warrant- ing and after due consideration, refer it to the Executive Committee for adjudication.


15. Any member aggrieved by the decision of the Managing Committee on his repre- sentation as per clause 14 shall ,with the signatures of 10 members of the Manag- ing Committee file an appeal before the Executive Committee.


16. Any representation or appeal under clauses 14 & 15 shall be submitted in writing to the General Secretary one week before the date of meeting of such committee so that the General Secretary will include it in the Agenda. No issue or represen- tation will be taken up or considered unless it has been included in the Agenda of the meeting.


17. The quorum for the proceedings in the case of Executive Committee meeting shall be 1/4th of its strength and in the case of Managing Committee it shall be 1/3rd of its strength.


18. At the appointed day of any meeting, if the quorum is not complete, the meeting shall be adjourned waiting till the end of the day without any transaction and any other date shall be fixed and members thereof intimated within one week. If the quorum is not complete in such adjourned meeting the matters on Agenda shall be decided irrespective of the quorum and decision taken shall be duly imple- mented. Matters included in the Agenda which could not be considered due to lack of quorum they alone shall be taken up in the adjourned meeting. No new matters shall be included in the agenda of such adjourned meeting.


19. The date of every meeting shall be informed to the members living in twin cities atleast 3 days in advance and those in districts atleast one week in advance.


20. According to neccessity and circumstances any or all the Bye-Laws of the Sabha may be amended / modified / deleted and fresh Bye-Laws added by the Executive- Committee by passing a resolution with majority vote for which the quorum shall be 2/3rd of the total strength of the Executive Committee. The draft of such amendment shall be moved by the President of the Sabha.


21. Functions / Meetings of the Sabha shall be organised as follows :


(i) Community functions shall be organised as per decision of the office- bearers.


(ii) Executive Committee meeting shall be convened atleast four times in a year never exceeding three months period in between.


(iii) Managing committee meetings shall be convened atleast once in a month.


(iv) Sub-Committee meetings shall be convened in accordance with the neces- sity and as found convenient by the respective conveners.


22. Members of any committee desirous of convening its meeting as of necessity & in view of important nature of the matter, may submit a requisition signed by a minimum of 1/4th strength to the General Secretary. Where upon, it shall be incumbent upon him to convene fixing and specifying the date of such meeting within 15 days.


23. Office Bearers of the Dist. units and of the respective Basthi Committees of twin cities will be elected once in 3 years by convening meeting of all enrolled mem- bers by majority vote of such members attending irrespective of quorum.


(ii) To amend / modity / delete or to add any fresh Bye-Law of the Sabha in accordance with the Bye-Law No.20.


(iii) To consider issues necessiated by circumstances and needs of the Sabha.


(iv) To elect the office bearers of the Sabha.
(v) To enforce the execution of the Trust Deed and fulfill its obliga- tion, and exercise its powers ordained in the Trust Deed of the Kshatriya (Rajput) Trust Board.




(i) To decide issues placed before the Committee.


(ii) To place before the Executive Committee any matter of impor- tance for adjudication.


(iii) To accept the resignation of any office bearer of the Sabha or to propose for his removal on disciplinary grounds.


(iv) To appoint auditors to audit the Annual Accounts of the Sabha and of the Trust Board.


(v) To prepare the Annual Budget and get it approved by the Execu- tive Committee.


(vi) To grant sanctions for various expenses.


(vii) To perform every such work as may be essential from administra- tive point of view.


(viii) To decide any dispute as between the Dist./Basthi Committees.


(ix) No confidence motion against any of the office-bearers of the Sabha, can be placed in writing signed by atleast 1/4th members of the Managing - Committee and the Committee shall be empowered to remove such per- son, if the same is supported by atleast 2/3 members of the Managing Com- mittee.


The sub-Committee shall consider matters referred to it and submit its recom- mendations to the Sabha.


25. The Office Bearers of the Sabha shall be as follows:


(i) President .. One


(ii) Vice President .. Three


(iii) General Secretary .. One


(iv) Secretaries .. Three


(v) Organising Secretaries .. Three


(vi) Treasurer .. One


26. In the absence of any Office-Bearer of the Sabha, any other Office Bearer nomi - nated by the President shall perform all his functions.

27. The President of the Sabha shall preside over all its meetings. If in any meeting the President is absent, the Vice-President shall preside.



(i) (a) DUTIES:


(i) To adopt appropriate measures to achieve the Aims and the Ob- jects of the Sabha.


(ii) To preside over all meetings of the Sabha and the Trust Board.


(iii) To keep a watch and supervise generally all the activities of the Sabha and the Trust Board.


(iv) To keep close watch over the administration and the revenue as- pects of the Sabha and the Trust Board.


(i) (b) POWERS:


(i) To enforce observation of the rules of the Sabha by its executive and Managing Committees and execution of Trust Deed by the Trust- ees of Kshatriya (Rajput) Trust Board.


(ii) To keep discipline and maintain order in every meeting of the Sabha and Trust Board.


(iii) To appoint or remove any person on monthly pay basis on the post approved by the Managing Committee.


(iv) To grant sanction of unforseen expenditure at his own discretion to the extent of Rs.5000/- per annum apart from the expenditure ap- proved by the Managing Committee.


(v) To adjourn the meetings of the Executive and Managing Commit- tees when ever necessity.


(vi) To change the dates of meetings of Executive and Managing Com- mittees of the Sabha and Trust Board, when ever necessary.


(vii) To exercise his casting vote in case of dead lock or "tie" in any meeting relating to any matter.


(viii) To resolve matters of the affiliated Dist. units and Basthi Commit- tees of the Sabha and determine the holding of elections for the residue term and constitute adhoc committees to continue their work during interim period.


(ix) To dissolve the Basthi Committee if it does not work for a period of six months inspite of every possible effort or fails to comply with the resolutions and directions of the Sabha.


(x) To constitute disciplinary committee and pass appropriate order on its recommendation on complaints referred to it.


(xi) To cancel member-ship of any member found guilty of any illegal activities prejudicial to the interest of the Sabha, after due enquiry by the Disciplinery Committee and of any members of Executive Committee/Managing Committee who remains absent in 3 consecu- tive meetings of such committees. The members of the E.C. shall be paid sitting fee of Rs.10/- upon attending the meeting except Office Bearers.


(xii) To nominate one of the Vice-Presidents to deputise him in his absence.






(a) Functions & responsibility assigned by president.


(b) To perform duties of President in his absence.






(i) To keep the office of the Sabha tidy and in an efficient manner.


(ii) To consider all administrative matters and put up with recommenda- tion to the President.


(iii) To act according to the resolution of the Executive/Managing Com- mittees and ensure its implementation.


(iv) To prepare the minutes of the proceedings of every meeting and main- tain separate files in respect of every subject.


(v) To send intimation about the conduction of the meetings.


(vi) To prepare and publish the annual budget and annual report of the Sabha.


(vii) To keep proper accounts of all the income and expenditure of the Sabha.


(viii) To reply all the correspondence and collect necessary information required for the reply.


(ix) To receive the applications and appeals and place them before the respective committees.


(x) To place the report in respect of implementation of the decisions of the respective Committees.




(i) To incur expenditure to the extent of the amount sanctioned by the Managing Committee/President.


(ii) To submit proposals for the appointment, transfer, promotion, sus- pension and removal of the employees of the

Sabha to the Presi- dent.


(iii) To sanction leaves of the employees of the Sabha and make altern- ative temporary arrangements.


(iv) to disburse the Honorarium to the employees of the Sabha or issue orders for disbursement.


(v) To make arrangements for conducting the meetings of the Sabha.


(vi) To incur expenditure to an extent of Rs.2,000/- per annum at his own discretion apart from the approved expenditure by the Manag- ing Committee.


(vii) To sign and file all the petitions, plaints and counters, affidavits for and on behalf of the Sabha.


(viii) To determine the duties of the Secretaries.




1. To perform and attend to such duties alloted to them by the General Secre- tary.


2. To perform function of General Secretary in his absence




(i) Organisation and Coordination of Dist/Basthi Committies.


(ii) Feed back to the President, Genral Secretary and Managing Committee of the Organisational activities at the gross

root level.




(i) To maintain the accounts and prepare proper vouchers.


(ii) To keep not more than Rs.2,000/- in his custody and remit the excess amount to the Bank in the Sabha’s account.


(iii) Not to release any amount without the permission of the President or the General Secretary.


(iv) Prepare the annual budget and the monthly statement of accounts.


(v) To preserve in proper custody documents of title, rental deeds, Bank Receipts and stock register, and the accounts of

subscrip- tions.


33. All subscriptions/donations/rents, will be acknowledged by duly signed receipts.


34. Donors donating in cash or kind worth over Rs.25, 000/- for instituting any scholarship or medal for meritorious studies in post-graduate/professional degree course will be entitled to have their names per petuated in the manner they wish.


35. Any office bearer of the Sabha or any member of its various committees shall never encumber properties of the Sabha and Trust or secure loan in the name of the Sabha, or make use of the properties of the sabha for personal benefit of self or dependent through creating any lease/rent or otherwise in respect of such property.


36. Removal of the office bearer or any member of the Sabha shall be under the following circumstances:-


(i) In case of resignation.


(ii) On the decision of the Managing committee.


(iii) In the event of death.


(iv) In the event of fraudulently using property of the Sabha or Trust for personal benefit.


37. All correspondence of the Sabha shall be signed by the General Secretary with seal of the Sabha on its letter head.


38. The office bearers of the Dist./Basthi committee shall be five, viz.,


1. Chairman. .. one.


2. Secretary .. one.


3. Treasurer .. one.


4. Executive Members. two.


39. Duties of the Chairman of the Dist../Basthi Committees.


(i) To be aware of the affairs of their respective areas and to create awareness among members regarding the aims and

objects of the Sabha.


(ii) To devise measures for creating an atmosphere of cordiality, affection and unity among the members of the community.


(iii) To take initiative and active part in all plans and programmes con- ducive to upliftment of the community.


(iv) To guide and help the Secretary and other office bearers of their units in carrying out census, collection of subscription collection of information and implementation of programmes set-forth by the sabha.


(v) T o preside over the meetings of the Dist./Basthi committees.


(vi) To adhere to the directions received from the Sabha from time to time and ensure their implementation.


(i) To nominate any member of the Dist./Basthi committee in case of any vacancy of any office bearer caused by death, relinquishment, discharge or removal in case of absence from meetings for 3 (three) consecutive months, for the residue term.


(ii) To forfeit membership in the event of default in payment of sub- scription.


(iii) To incur expenditure to the extent of 1/3rd of the total collections i.e., membership fees and subscriptions, towards

welfare mea- sures in their respective charge and ensure remittence of 2/3 of such collection to the appex body.




(i) To help the Treasurer, collect subscriptions, and membership fees regularly.


(ii) To keep the Chairman informed of the affairs of the committee from time to time.


(iii) To act as per the directions of the Sabha and implement the same.


(iv) To submit proposals/schemes approved by the committee condu- cive to Economic, Educational and social upliftment of mem- bers.


(v) To carry out all correspondence under his seal and signature.


(vi)  To convene monthly meeting of the committee and General body meeting of members whenever election is held for posts of office- bearers.




(i) To maintain proper accounts.


(ii) To remit all collections to the Head office within seven days and obtain proper receipt.


(iii) To place the statement of Receipts and Payments every month before the Chairman and the Secretary.




(i) To attend and participate in monthly meetings and Executive Committee meetings whenever convened.


(ii) To collect census and help collect subscriptions.


(iii) To organize literary and social activities with participation of Youth.

44. The accounts of the Sabha and Dist./Basthi Committees shall be opened in any Nationalised Bank in the name of the

Sabha/Dist./Basthi Committee as the case may and shall be operated under the signa- tures of any two of the following.

(a) Sabha's President/Dist./Bashti Committee Chairman.

(b) Sabha's General Secretary/Dist./Basthi Committee Secretary

(c) Sabha's Treasurer/Dist./Basthi Committee Treasurer.

I do hereby, certify to the effect that the registration of Kshatriya Sabha, Hyderabad- \ Deccan has duly been done in accordance with the Law Governing Registration of:' Societies of Public Welfare (AnJuman-Hai-Refahi) contained in Act No. I of 1350 Fasli \ Sarkar-E-Ali (H.E.H. The Nizam's Dominion).
BALDA (CITY)Hyderabad-Deccan
Dated 16th Day of TIR 1353 FASLI


2- Sd/-