Kshatriya Rajput Sabha Andhra Pradesh involved women in the activities of Sabha.

One post in every basti committee reserved for women. Smt Shobha Singh Sengar has been nominated as Secretary in Central body of Sabha.


Smt Suneeta has been elected as Secretary from Charminar Basati Committee.

Smt Jamnuna has been elected as Treasurer from Seethaphalamandi Basti Committee.


Three women first time elected as Executive members form Gollakidkhi  
Smt Neeta Singh as Secretary,
Smt Kiran Latha and  Smt Kavita Thakur as Executive Members.


You can find one women in each and every basti committee and you can see in Executive Committee page.

Sabha encourage them to celebrate Navratri, Women day, participate in Parichay Sammellan, Mass Marriage programme, and they can recommend economically backward women from community for self-employment scheme. Sabha will Provide Sewing machines, Wet grinders, for their livelihood.