Kshatriya Rajput Sabha Activities, Meeting information and important news of Sabha are publised in Hindi news papers time to time and the same will published in M/s Hindi Milap and M/s  Swatantra vartha news paper regularly.  Sabha thank the editorial and press

reporters for their kind gesture in publishing the Sabha matters.


Note:- Hence all the Executive Members of Sabha are requested to purchase Hindi News papers daily to know the latest updates of Kshatriya Rajput sabha and over all information of other communities like Rajastani ,Gujarati, Agrawal, Jain, Lodh kshatriya, Kachi,Maheshwari. and other kshatriya community news, Dharmik samachar, Hence once again you are requested to Read Hindi news papers and ask your family members to read being Hindi our National Language.


News matters and photoes in the Gallary will be published in due course.