The Kshatriya Rajput Sabha after formation in 1944 set-out to address the problems dogging the Rajput youth in those turbulent times in erstwhile Hyderabad State under the Muslim rule of the last Nizam . The Executive Committee of the Sabha resolved to set-up a permanent Trust Board with suitable Rajput members so as to realize objectives enunciated in the Bye Laws of the Sabha.

Accordingly the Sabha executed a Trust Deed and registered it as Document No. 217 ,dated 12-07-1354 Fasli ( 18-04-1945 A.D.) constituting and appointing the following persons as the Life Trustees with President of the Sabha as ex-officio President of the Kshatriya Rajput Trust Board :-

1. President of the Sabha Ex-officio President.

2. Thakur Narayan Singh Life Trustee.

3. Thakur Krishna Tulja Ram Singh Life Trustee.

4. Thakur Hari Kishen Singh Life Trustee.

5. Thakur Mukund Singh Life Trustee.

6. Thakur Manohar Singh Life Trustee.

7. Thakur Nandu Singh Life Trustee.

8. Thakur Bajrang Singh Life Trustee.

9. Thakur Vittal Singh Life Trustee.

The Trust Deed besides its Preamble contains 23 operative Clauses setting- forth entire gamut of the Trust Board vis-à-vis Sabha , raising corpus fund , infrastructure by purchasing immovable property , establishing a hostel for students , its maintenance under the over-all control of the Sabha .

In course of time seven Life Trustees expired. Sri D. Narayan Singh is , at present , the only surviving founder Trustee at whose instance substitutes have been appointed in place of deceased persons with unanimous approval of the Executive Committee and President of the Sabha as provided in Clause 15 read with Clause 6 of the Trust Deed .
The original Trust Deed with constitution of Trustees is reproduced herein. It may be seen that any amendment to the original Trust Deed, barring that which militates against the basic objectives enshrined therein, can be carried in the manner as prescribed in Clause 23 thereof , with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Sabha with 3/4th majority vote .

The Sabha in course of time purchased vast and valuable land with buildings at Amberpet, Hyderabad with subscriptions and donations of its members and established a Student's Hostel with a self-organized mess under the supervision of the Trust Board .The Title Deeds, plans with statutory Town Survey record of the said properties at Amberpet, Hyderabad are herein displayed in the relevant section of Title Deeds.

While so a fudged document contrived illegally and dubiously as a 'Charitable Trust Deed' is got registered at the Office of Sub- Registrar , Marredpally purportedly replacing the above original Trust Deed and fraudulently mentioning date of execution as 21-11-1996 on the basis of which a set of self-styled individuals calling themselves as 'Promotees' have usurped the Trust properties and misappropriating its income for quite some time , taking advantage of the blissful obliviousness of the Community at large .

A properly constituted mandatory Suit has been instituted in the Civil Court of competent jurisdiction seeking reliefs of , inter-alia , holding the bogus Charitable Deed no nest , appointment of a Court Receiver pending decree of recovery of the property , its income in favour of the legally constituted Trust Board . The status of the legal processes taken against the usurpers is shown in the relevant section .Progress and updated status of the process will incorporated in the web-site from time to time.