J.P.Singh I.A.S (Retd)




Kshatriya Rajput Sabha A.P. ,India is a society registered in 1944 under the provisions of Act No.I of 1350 Fasli (1940 A.D.) in the erstwhile princely State of "HEH the Nizam's Dominion of Hyderabad " with Registration Certificate No:7/53 A.R, dated 16th TIR 1353 Fasli ( app. 22-05-1944 A.D.).The Byelaws of the Sabha approved by the Registrar of Societies and recorded in the year 1944 govern and regulate the functions of the Sabha. However they have been amended in the year 1998 mutatis mutandis changed environment after independence and advent of Andhra Pradesh State. The Executive Committee of the Sabha resolved to constitute a permanent Trust Board with a view to make lasting arrangements for securing objectives of the Sabha as enshrined in its Byelaws which included purchasing of properties providing facilities for students of the Rajput community pursue their education in Hyderabad City. Accordingly the Sabha executed a Trust Deed on 11-06-1354 Fasli (17-03-1945 A.D.) and registered it as Document No. 217 dated 12-07-1354 Fasli (22-04-1945 A.D.) .The Trust Board constituted under the Registered Trust Deed composed of eight Life Trustees and the elected President of the Sabha as its ex-officio President.

The aims and objects of the Sabha are embodied in its Byelaws originally framed in consonance with the then prevailing conditions(contained in File No. 9 of 1353 Fasli in the Office of the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies , successor being the present Inspector General ,Registration & Stamps cum Registrar of Societies). The Sabha has ,since its inception 57 yrs back ,been endeavoring to uphold the basic tenets of ' Kshatriya Dharma ' enjoining its members to defend and preserve the integrity of our great nation by exemplifying patriotism , to protect the weak , to ameliorate their condition , to strive for emancipation of brave "Kshatranis" whose lap and lullaby lured and nursed the phenomenal Rajput chivalry , to harness the genius of youth to nation building activities , to inspire them to be honest and law-abiding citizens , to focus their mental and physical resources for creative and productive activity thereby achieving excellence in educational , economic , social and cultural fields and to ensure a niche of pride in the comity of nations. The Kshatriya Rajput Sabha is an "Apolitical " organisation devoted to social service and work for the uplift of its members and the community at large .

The Sabha and the Trust Board constituted by the Sabha have acquired vast valuable urban properties in Hyderabad City ,the income of which is spent on doling financial assistance to hapless widows ,scholarships to students, incentive awards to meritorious among them ,performing of marriages of poor girls , instant help to victims of calamities , expenses of obsequies of deceased of poor families, and in deserving cases reimbursement of medical expenses.

The Sabha studied the economic backwardness of the community which is a linguistic and ethnic minority in the State with negligible representation in services and in educational institutions much less representation in the democratic institutions from grass root levels the corridors of legislature. The economic backwardness of the community has inflicted social discrimination. The community cannot aspire political empowerment to achieve the desired goals. The Sabha has forcefully represented before the Commissions set up by the State and Central Government to include Rajput community in the State in the list of backward classes so that the children of the community gain access to professional / technical courses and gainful employment .

The Kshatriyas ,variously known as Rajput’s ,Raju’s ,Bundhelis ,Rajas, Vermans ,are all compartmentalized into several linguistic groupings in different regions with vast disparities in their social and economic backgrounds in South as is the case in North raising narrow walls between them . A meeting of minds through dialogue is conducive to develop fraternal bonds .With this object the Sabha is constantly interacting other recognized organizations of the Kshatriya communities. The President of the Sabha has always been attending and participating in the conclaves of Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Maha Sabha which is considered as the apex body in the country. As member of the Core Committee and recently constituted 19 members Advisory Committee of the mutual understanding is considered a necessary process to bring Akhil Bharatiya Kshatriya Maha Sabha the President is rendering valuable services to improve the efficiency and image of the Maha Sabha. The composition of the Sabha, its Trust Board and other details are set out in the next sections.